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Hari Raya 2019 Buffet

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Attractive Value Buffet

Regular Staples at Affordable Prices for your Event Needs!

Asian Delights Buffet

Our Chef's Specialties, serving a range of delectable Halal Asian dishes, including Malay, Chinese, and Thai. Satisfy your guests with more variety!

International Buffet

Try out our Widespread Range of Cuisines featuring our Western Specialties!

Bento Set

No more going out to pack food! Bento Takeaway Set Meals for your Staff/Guests!


Organising a BBQ but lazy to plan and prepare? Our BBQ menu serves you marinated meat ready to grill and cooked food for you to munch on while you cook!

6 Courses + 1 Drink (min 50 pax)
6 Courses + 1 Drink (min 50 pax)

6 Courses + 1 Drink (min 50 pax)

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50 pax

50 pax

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200 pax


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